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Sambala New

According to folklore and various legends, it is said that Śambhala came out of the womb of the Great Goddess the Primordial essence that vibrates through the multiverse It is a realm of 8 mountains that rise up from the surrounding lake and in the middle is the highest mountain probably in the world All mountains are named after elephants The middle mountain is three-sided and is called 1 Airavata then the other one 2 is Gajendra 3 Pushpa-danta 4 Supratika 5 Pundarika, 6 Viru-paksha ,7 Maha-padma 8, Bhadra 9,Anjana..All the mountains with their cities are connected with bridges and underground tunnels with backdrop of waterfalls.Majestic halls , libraries among them the Alexandrian library that houses Akashic records and can be accessed through pods which open up holograms (matrix) of consciousness grids through either .