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Hiding under the urban straitjacket of London City is the mysterious Swami Bhalunath but better known as Mr Baba Bhalu. At first glance, he may look like a teddy bear but don’t be fooled…He happens to be a warrior monk from a mystical land somewhere far beyond the Himalayan peaks of India, known as Śambhala: A spiritual realm in an alternative reality shrouded by an icy labyrinth with secret pathways that rotate in alignment with star constellations making it nigh impossible to find by ordinary men.</p> <p>__</p> <p>As a new time cycle (Yuga) dawns, Bhalu is sent forth on a secret mission by his Guru to fulfil his destiny, guided by the Earth Goddess ( Gaia) and her many manifestations.<br /> The lone wanderer Bhalu survives his long quest by ducking and diving in our present mechanical world. It’s a world that rusts slowly through a time cycle of karmic sequences decoded and foretold by enlightened masters aeons ago.</p> <p>Bhalu is joined by Guthrie Gale (AKA Gothy) a talented and eccentric tech prodigy and Doc Rupert a tech wizard cat who together form an unlikely trio. Together they embark on adventures in their space-time-shifting underground temple via hidden ancient energy grids and hunt down the dark forces that lure mankind into a web of algorithmic mind control and zombification to end in an ecological dystopia.