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Bhalu Comic Tour

The Bhalu Buzz

OMG this is beautiful! The line art is phenombomb, and the coloring is awesome! Great stuff!


This is awesome! Can't wait for it to continue. Never seen anything like it and it already looks great. Could become a huge success!


As a conspiracy theorist I love the story so far! Waiting to see what happens next! The artwork is really great also, really clean and it pops out at you. I'm REALLY into this guys so...HURRY WITH THE NEXT ISSUE! J/K Great job guys!

Ambush Vin - Hip-Hop/Rap Artist

Congratulations!! Very original and great work! Keep it up!!

Isabel Sartorius

" Love the characters and concept! Great work! "

Elizabeth Mackall

Good, fun read. Looking forward to the rest of their adventures.

James Clark Williams

The characters baba bhalu & gothi , the concecpt of this ethereal story , sketching of countenances , coloring of attire and the background , especially the title “The unusual suspects ” are quite riveting. I love that Tripundra vibhuti marks at the forehead of Swami bhalunath aka baba bhalu. I wish this enigmatic excursionist and his comrade the music masetro Gothi will do great adventures. Watched its awesome trailer which began with sound of soothing chimes. It had the melliflous effect on me. It appears to me a tantamount to renowned animes and mangas. I wish progress , fame and luck for the Avant-Garde and Swami Bhalunath.

Nimish Vishnu Bodhisattva