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The Legend

Hiding under the urban straitjacket of London City is the mysterious Swami Bhalunath (aka Baba Bhalu). At first glance he may look like a teddy bear but don’t be fooled…He happens to be a warrior monk from a mystical land somewhere far beyond the Himalayan peaks of India, known as Śambhala: A spiritual realm in an alternative reality shrouded by an icy labyrinth with secret pathways that rotate in alignment with star constellations making it nigh impossible to find by ordinary men.

As a new time cycle (Yuga) dawns, Bhalu is sent forth on a secret mission by his Guru to fulfil his destiny, guided by the Earth Goddess ( Gaia) and her many manifestations.

The lone wanderer Bhalu survives his long quest by ducking and diving in our present mechanical world. It’s a world that rusts slowly through a time cycle of karmic sequences decoded and foretold by enlightened masters aeons ago.