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Dr Rupert is no ordinary cat but a biohybrid robot developed with genetically modified augmented biology by Gothy’s scientist mother who grew him in a petri dish before she resigned from her biotech job. She had created him in the memory of a real Rupert drowned as a kitten in drone crash years back on Gothy’s trip to the seaside.Using several varieties of domestic cat DNA. which can be activated or shut down by DNA sequence acceleration in Rupert’s hibernation pod that uses MRI technology to alter his outward appearance. This means he has several potential cat forms but he prefers to stay as his tabby cat default appearance. Gothy had later injected Dr Rupert with nanoparticle microchips.

Like ordinary living cells but much smaller, they can self-replicate from trace minerals in Rupert’s blood. The chips grow, mature and when they need to be upgraded, they dissolve into Rupert’s system so that his body can recirculate the minerals and create more chips. With each incarnation, they redesign themselves as next-generation software becomes available.The chips synchronize to one another and Rupert’s body. They can communicate and send information to his brain via a satellite orbiting earth. The satellite has a full range of military-grade data capture devices including quantum computers, quantum cameras,s and subsonic etheric probability detection.

This also gives highly advanced vision and sound detection ability.Rupert’s chips scan his organs to keep him in optimal health.Gothy gave himself some of those nano-chips too, but he didn’t want to become a cyborg and did not augment his brain or senses. Rupert has a double dose which makes him immortal, provided he can get organic catnip tea made in Bhalu’s Teapot.This synchronizes the chips in Rupert and Gothy’s blood to help them travel to the different meditative dimensions in consciousness with Bhalu. Along with changing his fur colour and cat looks, he’s also capable of speech while fluent in most of the world’s languages.

This is due to Gothy’s mother giving Rupert a human larynx with advanced machine learning AI. Later in the story Bhalu and Rupert debate in Sanskrit.Rupert is also Gothy’s lab assistant and in charge of their central base in the temple and is often updating himself with more knowledge and advanced AI skills. Gothy thinks he might have developed more self-awareness and a personality especially after becoming a Gamer champion which gave him a big ego after a thousand wins and now wants to be referred as Doctor Rupert or he gets a bad snobby attitude. He recently started to also dress in the latest fashions.